BBQ recipes – Barbequed Foods – Grill Recipes

Recipes used for a good BBQ require a certain techniques to produce a delicious meal. There are a number of ways one can carry out come up with good BBQ recipes. They include:

  • Get help from the experts as they have more experience when it comes to
  • Research recipes
  • Use fresh ingredients
  • Buy functional tools
  • Get a good grill

BBQ recipes can be used to cook different products. These products determine the type of ingredients that will be used. They also determine how long it will take to barbeque the product. Examples of food products that can be barbequed include:


To enjoy good BBQ recipes make sure you use small cuts such as chops, cutlets, ham slices, ribs, patties and sausages. When you barbeque pork it tends to get more tough. It is important to use tender cuts hence pork has shorter cooking times. It is important to use ¾- 1 inch thick cuts to make sure that the pork cooks evenly.


To grill beef properly marinate the beef 4-6 hours before cooking it. You can use hardwood lump charcoal. Preheat the grill before using it cook the beef but be very attentive while grilling the beef. Make sure each side cooks evenly once it is done you can remove the beef then let it cool down before serving it.


Fish can be very intimidating to barbeque. They are delicate hence this makes them hard to manoeuvre. They easily overcook therefore; they tend to fall through grates. The best way to barbeque fish is to use fish baskets, cook it on a packet made of foil, try using a plank to secure its position and add a Smokey flavour, use skewers to prevent the fish from falling and keep the skin on the fish to hold the fillet in place.


This is the easiest to cook because it cooks quickly if one uses BBQ recipes and it has a strong structure that makes it easy to flip in order to evenly cook all the sides. An example of favourite recipes include: Chicken kabobs with grilled onions and Creamy lemon-pepper orzo with grilled chicken