Grilled chicken recipes – Grill Recipes

The perfect grilled chicken recipes produce chicken that is lean and full of flavour. Chicken is a very versatile product that is easy to work with. It is very easy to cook making it popular among many food vendors. There are various ways of grilling chicken. This is because chicken has different parts. Grilled chicken is therefore cooked using different techniques because the parts are different hence they require different timings and procedures. They include:

A whole grilled chicken

Grilling a whole chicken requires forty minutes if the chicken is butterflied. Cooking grilled chicken when it is whole is the best way to produce chicken with the ultimate flavour. It is amazingly presentable because of the shape it takes when it is butterflied.  One can cook the meat while it is on the bones hence it saves time. The butterfly technique enables the chicken to cook evenly making the chicken cook well inside and out.


Preparing wings takes around fourteen to eighteen minutes. Grilled chicken wings are good for snacks and appetizers.


These are one of the most succulent parts of a chicken. They take twenty to twenty five minutes to cook well. However, they require medium heat to prevent them from getting over cooked which risks charring the outer part leaving the inside part raw or undercooked.

Breasts and cutlets.

Breast meat takes ten to twelve minutes. However, cutlets are more tender and thin compared to regular breast hence they only require six to eight minutes. Breasts have uniform thickness that makes them a popular choice for grilled chicken recipes. They require extra coddling because they need to be turned regularly.

An example of popular grilled chicken recipes includes:

  • Lemon and herb marinated grilled chicken thighs
  • Simply grilled chicken breasts
  • Beer can grill chicken
  • Grilled chicken with roasted kale
  • Grilled chicken caeser’s wraps
  • Grilled chicken caeser’s salad recipe

Grilled chicken recipes are healthy way of preparing chicken making them a good source of nutrient for any person to enjoy.