Grilling Cleaning Tips & Importance

If you are a fan of cooking many of your meals on the grill, than it is important to remember that you need to go through the process of grill cleaning on a regular basis. When you grill your food, a residue or buildup remains on the grate from the marinades as well as the meats and fishes that you have grilled. Have a look at these grilling cleaning tips:

Grill Cleaning Key Tips

Before you even decide to start grilling your steak, pork, chicken, or fish you need to remember the importance of prepping the grill. One way to keep your meats from sticking to the grill is by spraying it with a grill spray; better yet, rub or spray your grill with olive oil. The olive oil will serve double duty. It will help keep you meat from sticking to the grill as well as help with the grill cleaning process. After you have cooked your meat on the grill, the first step in the grill cleaning process is to remove the larger pieces of meat or marinades stuck to the grill.  The next step in the process is to coat the grate with olive oil. Now you can scrub your grate with a scrub brush and get off all the remnants to the meal you just cooked. Your last step is to rinse your grill with water and once again, you have a nice clean grill.

Grill Cleaning Alternatives

Alternative grill cleaning options that people use involve using a sink or tub filled with hot soapy water or self-cleaning ovens. If you prefer the soaking method, prepare a tub large enough to fit your grate into it with hot soapy water. Let the grate soak in the bath while you scrub down the hood and sides of your grill. Along with your grate, the hood and heating elements can also develop residue to remove. After you have cleaned the grill completely, scrub the grate that you had soaking with a scrub brush. Rinse it off and place it back on the grill.

The self-cleaning oven option is a simple one. Place the grate from your barbeque onto the oven racks. Turn on the self-cleaning feature and let the oven do the work for you. Not only will the oven burn off all the food remnants on your grate but also it will clean your oven racks at the same time.

Regardless of the method used for grill cleaning, it is essential that you keep your grill clean to prevent transference of one marinade to another as well as ensure healthy grilling.

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