New and Delicious Grilling Ideas for Dinner

Grilling foods is a great way to reduce calories and fat intake while also adding delicious flavor that can’t be attained by any other cooking means. Thanks to the availability of all types of indoor and outdoor grills, grilling isn’t limited to weekends in the backyard,specially if you own one oil-less turkey fryer. This Grilling Ideas list includes some new grilling ideas for dinner that you can add to your daily menu to eat healthier, lighter, or just to give your taste buds a boost!

Lose the Barbecue Sauce

We all love barbecue sauce when it’s done right, but it isn’t the only sauce that you can use to create the perfect grilled meat. Whether you are grilling pork, beef or chicken, or fish try substituting one of these for the barbecue to add a different type of flavor:

  • Chipotle-Orange Sauce
  • Soy-Ginger Glaze
  • Chili Gastrique
  • Chipotle Lime Glaze
  • Asian Apple Marinade
  • Soy-Garlic Marinade
  • Sesame Spice Rub

There are literally thousands of ideas available online to give grilled meat a new flavor that is sweet, spicy or something else altogether. If you insist on staying with barbecue, you can still mix it up with something like peach-bourbon barbecue sauce.

Vegetable Grilling Ideas for Dinner

Although meat may be the main feature of most meals, many of the best grilling ideas for dinner include new takes on vegetables.

  • Green beans are wonderful when grilled. Just add a little olive oil and a touch of salt and pepper after they are done and they are great.
  • Eggplant is another vegetable that is tasty when grilled but it really needs to be marinated beforehand to keep them tender. All you need is some balsamic vinegar and olive oil to enhance the flavor of the eggplant slices.
  • If you are looking for grilling ideas for dinner that will impress your guests, asparagus is a must. Add a little garlic aioli or simply butter after just a few minutes on the grill. The asparagus will be delicious while always having that somewhat elegant appearance.
  • Most grilling ideas for dinner are going to include potatoes and there are many recommendations on how to fix them best. Red new potatoes cut are a great taste treat when coated lightly in olive oil and slow grilled. Salt and pepper to taste and they are the perfect addition to almost any meal.

Grilling Ideas for Dinner on Special Occasions

If you are looking for dinner recipes that will impress your guests, these are some grilling ideas for dinner that are certain to get raves.

  • Smoke, stuffed chicken with your choice of stuffing
  • Grilled chicken salad
  • Grilled chicken Po Boy sandwiches
  • Caramelized grilled salmon
  • Charcoal grilled turkey
  • Grilled, marinated mushrooms

Creating your own grilling ideas for dinner is as simple as taking some of your favorites and fixing them on the grill. To master any dish, try it out on you and your family and perfect it for those special occasions entertaining friends and family. There is no limit to the new grilling ideas for dinner that you can try!

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